Motorways and tolls

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Motorways and tolls

Motorways and tolls

Survey on motorways, with the place occupied by the State and by the Ministry of Transport, as well as by concessionary companies. Interviews with Henri Cyna, Managing Director of Cofiroute, who refers the responsibility for tolls to the governments that have defined the French motorway model; It also stresses the budget that it would represent for the State if it managed these infrastructures directly. Mr. Germain, Director General of the SAPRR, explains the role and importance of the toll that will allow the motorway companies mainly to repay the financial and banking debt to the investors and, for the rest, to finance the operation of the road network.









Date de diffusion : 22 October 1980

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Producteur: Télévision Française 1   -   Director : Delacroix, André  -  Journalist : Goumot, Yves  -  Participant : Cyna, Henri
Automag   -   Producteur: Télévision Française 1
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Crédits :Director : Delacroix, André-Journalist : Goumot, Yves-Participant : Cyna, Henri

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