Motorways: public reports on private concessions

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Motorways: public reports on private concessions

Motorways: public reports on private concessions

Continuation of the survey on the economic underbelly of the operation of the French motorway network. In ten years, tolls have risen twice as fast as inflation, for example on the Paris-Strasbourg section. This situation prompted some public authorities, notably the Autorité de la concurrence, to look into this matter. Example in the Ardennes of a free motorway under construction, the A34 connecting Brussels to Charleville-Mézières, supported by the public authorities because not profitable enough for private investors at the moment. A parliamentary report on the subject is expected before next summer. Interviews of Marc Jeansou, 40 Million motorists, which highlights the profitability of private motorway companies; Olivier Faure, Member of Parliament for Seine-et-Marne, who wants more transparency in the tariffs and calls for tenders applied as well as a return on investment for the State; and Bruno Levasseur, Director of Roads and Infrastructures of the Ardennes General Council.









Date de diffusion : 22 February 2015

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Producteur: France 3 Reims   -   Journalist : Boudet, Charles Henry  -  Photo Journalist : Boudet, Paul Antoine  -  Film Editor : Klein, Laura  -  Sound Recordist : Guillet, Étienne  -  Participant : Jeansou, Marc  -  Participant : Faure, Olivier  -  Participant : Levasseur, Bruno
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Crédits :Journalist : Boudet, Charles Henry-Photo Journalist : Boudet, Paul Antoine-Film Editor : Klein, Laura-Sound Recordist : Guillet, Étienne-Participant : Jeansou, Marc-Participant : Faure, Olivier-Participant : Levasseur, Bruno

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