Drame du Queen Mary II : le rappel des faits

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Drame du Queen Mary II : le rappel des faits

Drame du Queen Mary II : le rappel des faits

Saturday 15 November at 2.22pm. Employees of the Chantiers de l'Atlantique come to work or visit the largest ship in the world with their family and friends, when suddenly, without anything foreshadowing the tragedy, the gateway to the ship collapses to the ground. About forty people fall 20 meters. The first fallen are crushed by pieces of the metal bridge and the fall of the other victims. Very quickly, the firefighters arrive on site. An emergency rescue unit is installed at the foot of the liner, and the waltz of ambulances begins. The wounded were evacuated to the hospitals of Nantes and Saint Nazaire. The toll is 15 dead and 28 injured. An investigation is open but the circumstances of the accident are still unknown. The mayor of Saint Nazaire, Joël Batteux, the Minister of Social Affairs, François Fillon and Christian Duval, the CGT delegate of Chantiers de l'Atlantique express their emotion at the magnitude of the accident.









Date de diffusion : 16 November 2003

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Producteur: France 3 Nantes   -   Photo Journalist : Patron, Charlotte  -  Film Editor : Adnot, Céline  -  Graphic Artist : Grall, Antoinette  -  Participant : Batteux, Joël  -  Participant : Fillon, François  -  Participant : Duval, Christian
News Evening Bretagne Pays De La Loire Nantes   -   Producteur: France 3 Nantes
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Crédits :Photo Journalist : Patron, Charlotte-Film Editor : Adnot, Céline-Graphic Artist : Grall, Antoinette-Participant : Batteux, Joël-Participant : Fillon, François-Participant : Duval, Christian

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