2003: arrest of Michel Fournir and in Belgium

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2003: arrest of Michel Fournir and in Belgium

2003: arrest of Michel Fournir and in Belgium

In June 2003, the Frenchman Michel Fournir was arrested in Belgium, where he lived, after the abduction of a teenager. This arrest marks the beginning of the overlap with the disappearances and murders of several young women and girls in France, began with the kidnapping and murder of two young French (Céline and Manyana), whose bodies were found in the Belgian forest. A long investigation begins... The commentary alternates the images of Michel FOURNIR and handcuffs to wrists and face blurred at the police station of Dinant (Belgium), investigators at the scene of the abduction, from the forest, of the search notices of the two young French girls, of ieux of the attempted abduction, a map showing the disappearance of two young girls on the French side and whose bodies were found in Belgium in the forest, the photos of the two young girls, the images of the search of Michel Fournir’s house, archive images of the excavations by French soldiers, the testimony of neighbours, the interview of the Belgian prosecutor Philippe MORANDINI who talks about the cooperation with the French authorities to see if reconciliations can be made, with the testimony of Bric LONGHINI, Manyana’s father-in-law.









Date de diffusion : 1 July 2003

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Crédits :Journalist : Matoksy, Anne Gaëlle-Journalist : Duponchel, Cyril-Journalist : Juillerat, Pierre Alain

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