Statement by Jean Marc Rouillan questioning his day parole

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Statement by Jean Marc Rouillan questioning his day parole

Statement by Jean Marc Rouillan questioning his day parole

Report. Jean Marc Rouillan, founder of Action Directe, has been on day parole for a few months while he had been sentenced twice to life for political assassinations committed in the 1980s. He was forbidden to publicly mention this past, but he has just granted an interview to the Express in which he implies to regret nothing, reviving the pain of the Besse and Audran families. The Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office is requesting the revocation of his day parole. He wanted to join Besancenot’s new party. The LCR asserts that he would have had room within the party if he renounced the actions of the past. A sentencing judge will decide on the return to prison of Jean Marc Rouillan. Commentary on images of Jean Marc Rouillan in freedom alternating with interviews with Xavier Normand Bodard, lawyer of the family of Georges Besse and Jean Louis Chalanset, lawyer of Jean Marc Rouillan.









Dossier : Direct Action

Date de diffusion : 1 October 2008

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Producteur: France 3   -   Journalist : Labrosse, Paul  -  Journalist : Boyer, Bertrand  -  Journalist : Desjars, Stéphanie  -  Journalist : Tual, Joseph  -  Photo Journalist : Tieth, Olivier  -  Film Editor : Pagnotta, Natacha  -  Participant : Normand Bodard, Xavier  -  Participant : Chalanset, Jean Louis
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Crédits :Journalist : Labrosse, Paul-Journalist : Boyer, Bertrand-Journalist : Desjars, Stéphanie-Journalist : Tual, Joseph-Photo Journalist : Tieth, Olivier-Film Editor : Pagnotta, Natacha-Participant : Normand Bodard, Xavier-Participant : Chalanset, Jean Louis

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