In the footsteps of "Martine à la ferme"

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In the footsteps of "Martine à la ferme"

In the footsteps of "Martine à la ferme"

Gilbert Delalaye, author and writer is a name less known than that of his heroine of children’s books: Martine. Indeed, the adventures of the girl have fascinated generations of little girls. Its author, now deceased, was Norman. And to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the very first publication of "Martine à la ferme", the wife and son of the author returned to their home in Franqueville Saint Pierre, near Rouen. The author’s daughters always compete for the albums of their father while the grandmother tells stories of Martine to her grandson. Martine’s character is accused of encouraging the household chores of little girls and stay-at-home mothers but in the stories, she also reveals her independence. Comment on images of the family home and albums alternating with the interview of Yvette Delahaye, wife of Gilbert Delahaye, his son, Jean Pierre Delahaye and Philippe Leroy, mayor of Franqueville St Pierre.









Publication date : 22 May 2004

Producteur: France 3 Rouen   -   Journalist : Henry, Karine  -  Photo Journalist : Thillaye, Laetitia  -  Film Editor : Stil, Nicolas  -  Camera Operator : Mathieu, Philippe  -  Participant : Leroy, Philippe
Jt Haute Normandie Evening   -   Producteur: France 3 Rouen


Credits:Journalist : Henry, Karine-Photo Journalist : Thillaye, Laetitia-Film Editor : Stil, Nicolas-Camera Operator : Mathieu, Philippe-Participant : Leroy, Philippe

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