About Us

mediaclip is an online content purchasing service exclusively offered to media and content creation professionals.

Comprised of unique audiovisual archives belonging to the INA, mediaclip offers a wide-reaching catalogue of videos to tell stories and create. With a turnkey licence, all videos available on mediaclip come with guaranteed rights for unrestricted use across the whole world.

Get ahead of the news

A free calendar is available to take a closer look into current and future news


With the mediaclip calendar, you can explore all of the major current events, to help fuel your productions or as inspiration thanks to our turnkey editorial selections.

Manage your budget

With our prepaid packages, you can receive even more videos and monitor your spending in real-time


With each package purchased, we offer an additional bonus to increase your spending power and access all of our clips, whatever your use.

Thanks to our online monitoring tool, you can manage your spending and set limits. Packages are valid for one year and can be renewed without limitation.

There are 12 themes to be explored

Editorial selections for all of your production and creation projects.


Our Grand Angle catalogue offers a total of 12 themes, which are expanded every day by an editorial team as well as INA researchers using publications created for immediate use with guaranteed rights.

Each publication includes up to 20 choices from some of the very best videos from the collections of the INA and its partners.

Our editorial selection comes from our partner collections as well as all television archives from 1947 to present.

Guaranteed rights

All of our videos are proposed with turnkey licences for immediate unrestricted use.


The turnkey licence is valid for the entire catalogue and all of the following licences: digital publication, corporate/brand content and Cultural.

Digital Publication: use for editorial publications - to inform the general public or illustrate the news - for digital broadcast on services, valid for 5 years.

Corporate/Brand content: use for the presentation and promotion of an image, brand, history and values of the Contracting Partner company - or, where applicable, the Beneficiary - for digital broadcast on its services and/or for Events, valid for 1 year.

Cultural Licence: use for cultural purposes and restricted to members of the cultural network. Digital and Event broadcasts, valid for 5 years.

This licence has been created to allow you to immediately use videos, in respect of the INA commitments towards rights holders.

With the turnkey licence, the INA guarantees the right to use media clips in the framework of your projects, for those uses you have purchased, subject to respect of restrictions and obligations outlined in the general terms and conditions of sale.