Opinions about Marcel Marlier, cartoonist of the character of Martine

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Opinions about Marcel Marlier, cartoonist of the character of Martine

Opinions about Marcel Marlier, cartoonist of the character of Martine

The Belgian cartoonist Marcel Marlier, father of little Martine whose albums are sold by tens of millions around the world is the guest of the newspaper. Interviews and reactions of professionals on the way of working of Marcel Marlier with François Boucq, draftsman, Carlos Surquin, sculptor, former student of Marcel Marlier, including his preparatory work and perfectionist, Laurence Bibot, humorist and director of the documentary "I love Martine" on antifeminist criticism of the albums of Martine, Frédéric Jannin, draftsman and Frédéric Kochman, child psychiatrist on the universe of "Martine", the stopped time of the universe of parents or grandparents, his idyllic world far from the "current horrors" for Marcel Marlier.









Publication date : 20 November 2005

Producteur: France 3 Lille   -   Journalist : Massin, Christelle  -  Participant : Marlier, Marcel  -  Participant : Boucq, François  -  Participant : Bibot, Laurence  -  Participant : Jannin, Frédéric  -  Participant : Kochman, Frédéric
News Evening Nord Pas De Calais   -   Producteur: France 3 Lille


Credits:Journalist : Massin, Christelle-Participant : Marlier, Marcel-Participant : Boucq, François-Participant : Bibot, Laurence-Participant : Jannin, Frédéric-Participant : Kochman, Frédéric

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