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mediaclip is the platform dedicated to all content creators run by the French National Audiovisual Institute (INA). In just a few clicks, you can go viral with a powerful narrative and have access to thousands of turnkey editorial videos to help you in your creative process!

Be inspired, tell your story, get editing!

Thanks to a wide catalogue of thousands of turnkey editorial videos and a calendar listing several hundred topical events, be inspired and stand out with your very own content in just a few clicks!

Simple and customised purchasing methods!

Purchase per video or with a pre-paid package, the choice is yours!
Whatever your rate of publication, our packages are especially designed to suit your rate of use as well as your changing requirements.

You’ve got the brief, we’ve got the content!

Receive customised support to increase the number of angles and for a new outlook over your video productions.

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What is the  mediaclip calendar?

The calendar is a free editorial guide tool which we have developed for your daily use. It allows you to get ahead through a selection of videos which resonate with topical events and subjects in the news.

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What is a media clip?

A media clip refers to an audiovisual sequence which you have selected on the website, appearing on the purchase order and paid for in line with our general terms and conditions of sale. The full catalogue of clips which we make available at mediaclip is expanded on a daily basis

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What services are included in the price of media clips?

Our prices include the selection of media clips by our editorial team, the assignment of a turnkey licence, technical supply, sound and image restoration which may be required for their creation and the payment of fees to rights holders having been involved, directly or indirectly, in the production and creation of audiovisual programmes.