Passive smoking among infants

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Passive smoking among infants

Passive smoking among infants

A disturbing report from the Academy of Medicine states that every second infant in France is exposed to the harmful effects of tobacco within the first two months of life. 25% of French women smoke during pregnancy. More preterm children and smaller and more fragile babies and a significant risk of developing respiratory diseases from birth. All studies confirm that smoke promotes bronchitis, nasopharyngitis and otitis. This is a very important factor in sudden infant death. One in four children is exposed to tobacco before birth. Action is urgently needed because the laws protecting non-smokers are not being respected enough. Street call to a pregnant woman complaining about the harms of smoking: "it’s bad for me and the baby". Interview with Alain GRIMFELD (paediatrician pneumologist at the Trousseau hospital): he explains that passive smoking begins before birth for babies of smoking mothers. Interview with Professor Maurice TUBIANA: "We must inform women and help them to stop smoking and their spouse".









Publication date : 30 April 1997

Producteur: France 2   -   Journalist : Vallet, Françoise  -  Participant : Grimfeld, Alain  -  Participant : Tubiana, Maurice
F2 The Journal 20H   -   Producteur: France 2


Credits:Journalist : Vallet, Françoise-Participant : Grimfeld, Alain-Participant : Tubiana, Maurice

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