Complaint of a death due to passive smoking, a first in France

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Complaint of a death due to passive smoking, a first in France

Complaint of a death due to passive smoking, a first in France

Is an employer responsible for the damage that passive smoking can cause in his company? This is a first in France: the sister of a woman who died of cancer complains against her employer, believing that this disease is due to the smoking of her colleagues, suffered for 18 years in an office of the bank where she worked. Interview with Rose OZEIR (sister of Leila, the victim) who shows a photo of her sister and talks about the smokers who caused her sister’s death. For 18 years at the French bank in the East, Léila worked in the same office, surrounded by smokers. She herself did not smoke. She died of smoking cancer, as three reports state. Rose sued the bank for refusing to hear Leila’s demands. Interview with Luc BIHL (lawyer) believing that Leila died of smoking-type lung cancer. But the court will have to be convinced of the causal link between smoking and death.









Publication date : 2 June 1995

Producteur: France 2   -   Journalist : Pele, Patrice  -  Participant : Bihl, Luc  -  Participant : Ozeir, Rose
F2 The Journal 13H   -   Producteur: France 2


Credits:Journalist : Pele, Patrice-Participant : Bihl, Luc-Participant : Ozeir, Rose

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