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Words of Europeans

Words of Europeans

Microsidewalks, within different European cities, about the feeling of belonging to the European Union. Interviews with Camille DEKIMPE, French- 24, commercial, about the European construction which was undoubtedly a good idea; Gérard LEROY, French - 79 years old, retired milling machine, saying he was satisfied with Europe but still fearing a conflict; Christophe SCHMIDTKUNTZ, German - 23 years old, student, declaring that some monuments tell us "try to avoid the mistakes of the past"; Andrea DIAZ, Spanish - 19 years old, student, declaring himself for the European Union. From Francisco DIAZ PEREZ, Spanish - 49 years old, business manager, saying that without Europe, Spain would have at least 20 years behind its standard of living and Giulia ZAPPA, Italian - 36 years old, creative, about Europe which is a greater comfort to travel and move.









Publication date : 12 October 2012

Producteur: France 2   -   Journalist : Bony, Jérôme  -  Journalist : Boutet, Arnaud  -  Journalist : Perez, Stéphanie  -  Journalist : Bernard, Renaud  -  Photo Journalist : Husser, Antoine  -  Photo Journalist : Auer, Nicolas
20 Hours   -   Producteur: France 2


Credits:Journalist : Bony, Jérôme-Journalist : Boutet, Arnaud-Journalist : Perez, Stéphanie-Journalist : Bernard, Renaud-Photo Journalist : Husser, Antoine-Photo Journalist : Auer, Nicolas

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