Vaccination: the French are suspicious

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Vaccination: the French are suspicious

Vaccination: the French are suspicious

On the eve of the launch of the influenza A vaccination campaign, many French people remain extremely sceptical or even suspicious. This reluctance is often shared by physicians themselves. In hospitals where vaccination began three weeks ago, only 10% of health care workers are vaccinated. The example of a neonatal service in Créteil. To show the example, the Minister of Health, Roselyne BACHELOT, will be vaccinated tomorrow. Comment on factual images alternating with a microsidewalk and the interview of doctor Rémy ASSATHIANY, pediatrician, opposed to the systematic vaccination of children and of doctor Claude DANAN, of the neonatal resuscitation service of the Centre hospitalier intercommunal de Créteil on the vaccination of nurses.









File : Flu

Publication date : 11 November 2009

Producteur: France 2   -   Journalist : Sapena, Nathalie  -  Journalist : Monteil, Frédéric  -  Journalist : Maisel, Sophie  -  Photo Journalist : Jacquet, Alexis  -  Film Editor : Forge, Chantal  -  Participant : Assathiany, Rémy  -  Participant : Danan, Claude
20 Hours   -   Producteur: France 2


Credits:Journalist : Sapena, Nathalie-Journalist : Monteil, Frédéric-Journalist : Maisel, Sophie-Photo Journalist : Jacquet, Alexis-Film Editor : Forge, Chantal-Participant : Assathiany, Rémy-Participant : Danan, Claude

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