Influenza A: overview in some vaccination centres

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Influenza A: overview in some vaccination centres

Influenza A: overview in some vaccination centres

Update on the influenza A vaccination campaign through the centres of Lyon, Toulouse or Suresnes. Different places and practices in different cities and lack of volunteers, while six million French people are invited to get vaccinated. It is necessary to rely on the facilitation of reception to convince the 79% of French people opposed to vaccination. The commentary on factual images alternates with the testimony of a man who would like to be vaccinated but did not receive a good one, the interview of Henri GUARRIGUES, head of vaccination center in Toulouse, and the testimony of a child who has just been vaccinated to protect his little brother.









File : Flu

Publication date : 14 November 2009

Producteur: France 2   -   Journalist : Mavic, Florence  -  Photo Journalist : Christoflour, Laurène  -  Photo Journalist : Lassaga, Muriel  -  Photo Journalist : Martin, Jean Christophe  -  Film Editor : Saadi, Linda
20 Hours   -   Producteur: France 2


Credits:Journalist : Mavic, Florence-Photo Journalist : Christoflour, Laurène-Photo Journalist : Lassaga, Muriel-Photo Journalist : Martin, Jean Christophe-Film Editor : Saadi, Linda

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