Parity and preparation for the next parliamentary elections

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Parity and preparation for the next parliamentary elections

Parity and preparation for the next parliamentary elections

The law of 6 June 2000 to promote equal access for women and men to electoral mandates and elected office must be applied in the next parliamentary elections of 9 and 16 June. Reportage in Ile de France illustrating the obstacles to parity of applications, in particular the refusal of certain candidates to leave their place to a woman. In the Essonne, Véronique CARANTOIS, RPR candidate, embarks on her first election campaign with the feeling of a stricter and demanding look at women in politics. In the Hauts de Seine, the RPR wants to impose a candidate on Jean-Pierre FOUCHER, an outgoing UDF member. Commentary on factual images alternating with interviews with Véronique CARANTOIS, Roselyne BACHELOT, in charge of social issues at the RPR; Jean-Pierre FOUCHER and Michèle SABBAN, State Secretary for Women’s Rights, PS.









Publication date : 10 March 2002

Producteur: France 2   -   Journalist : Bouilhaguet, Alix  -  Photo Journalist : Jasselin, Philippe  -  Presenter : Schönberg, Béatrice  -  Participant : Carantois, Véronique  -  Participant : Bachelot, Roselyne  -  Participant : Foucher, Jean Pierre  -  Participant : Sabban, Michèle
13 Hours Per Day   -   Producteur: France 2


Credits:Journalist : Bouilhaguet, Alix-Photo Journalist : Jasselin, Philippe-Presenter : Schönberg, Béatrice-Participant : Carantois, Véronique-Participant : Bachelot, Roselyne-Participant : Foucher, Jean Pierre-Participant : Sabban, Michèle

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