Women and politics

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Women and politics

Women and politics

The issue of gender parity in politics will be debated in the National Assembly on March 11. In order to improve the political representation of women, which is particularly low in France, the government is considering a law mandating women’s quotas in elections, an issue that is controversial. For the next parliamentary elections, the Socialist Party has set a quota of women candidates. Report in Paris at the Mouffetard market, where this morning the socialist candidate Lyne COHEN SOLAL was distributing roses, and at the colloquium "Tomorrow women in march", organised right in the framework of the International Women’s Day on the theme of political parity between men and women. The comment on images of Lyne COHEN SOLAL and the colloquium "Demain les femmes en marche" alternates with the interviews of Lyne COHEN SOLAL, Alain MORELL, PS, Anne-Marie IDRAC, Secretary of State for Transport, and François LEOTARD, President of the UDF, on the principle of quotas.









Publication date : 8 March 1997

Producteur: France 2   -   Journalist : Carow, Olivier  -  Participant : Cohen Solal, Lyne  -  Participant : Morell, Alain  -  Participant : Idrac, Anne Marie  -  Participant : Léotard, François
F2 The Journal 20H   -   Producteur: France 2


Credits:Journalist : Carow, Olivier-Participant : Cohen Solal, Lyne-Participant : Morell, Alain-Participant : Idrac, Anne Marie-Participant : Léotard, François

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