Atmosphere at Versailles

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Atmosphere at Versailles

Atmosphere at Versailles

771 parliamentarians, deputies and senators interrupted their holidays to come to VERSAILLES to ratify the 5th constitutional revision by way of Congress. - GP P. SEGUIN surrounded by eminences among which P. MEHAIGNERIE striking the act of revision with the seal of the Republic, GP machinery operating the buffer. - Telerottoir voting unknown on "vertigo of history" (or: When Versailles goes to their head). - P. SEGUIN in the palace gardens. - Imposing statues and gushing water jets. - Sequence the policies at the post office: hustle and bustle at the chateau post office, each wanting to remember the good memory of his electorate, PM Woman crouching licking stamps and envelopes.









Dossier : Congress

Date de diffusion : 19 July 1993

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Producteur: France 2   -   Journalist : Hay, Thierry
F2 The Journal 20H   -   Producteur: France 2
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Crédits :Journalist : Hay, Thierry

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