Paulette Guinchard Kunstler one-day Speaker of the National Assembly

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Paulette Guinchard Kunstler one-day Speaker of the National Assembly

Paulette Guinchard Kunstler one-day Speaker of the National Assembly

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day Paulette GUINCHARD KUNSTLER took the command of the National Assembly in place of Jean-Louis Debré to facilitate the session of questions to the government. The socialist MP of the Doubs is the first representative of the so-called weak sex to take on this task. She is also the only Vice President of the Chamber, regardless of political affiliation. It is followed during the preparatory hours preceding the session. She explains "I have only had male role models in politics and I am fully aware that I am currently serving as a female role model". The President of the National Assembly confirms this "it is important that at the heart of parliamentary democracy... a strong sign is given".









Publication date : 8 March 2005

Producteur: France 3 Besançon   -   Journalist : Poirier, Marie France  -  Photo Journalist : Pauly, Robert  -  Participant : Debré, Jean Louis  -  Participant : Guinchard Kunstler, Paulette
Jt Franche County Evening   -   Producteur: France 3 Besançon


Credits:Journalist : Poirier, Marie France-Photo Journalist : Pauly, Robert-Participant : Debré, Jean Louis-Participant : Guinchard Kunstler, Paulette

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