Renaud and his indignations

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Renaud and his indignations

Renaud and his indignations

On the set of the program Du côté de chez Fred, singer RENAUD evokes with Frédéric MITTERRAND the rally which he organized on July 8, 1989 on the sidelines of the summit of the richest countries, to demand the cancellation of the debt of the developing countries. He evokes his indignation against the great bankers, the masters of the world, parading in Paris while two-thirds of the planet are under their control, and against the Western countries that are getting richer at the expense of these poor countries. He concludes by mentioning France, "where too much is produced and where it is necessary to create restaurants of the heart to feed the excluded. The stock market is popping up, the factories are closing; they are slogans but they are things that affect me. I cannot understand this system."









File : Renaud

Publication date : 9 October 1989

Producteur: Antenne 2   -   Presenter : Mitterrand, Frédéric  -  Participant : Renaud  -  Chanteur
On The Side Of Fred’S   -   Producteur: Antenne 2


Credits:Presenter : Mitterrand, Frédéric-Participant : Renaud-Chanteur

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