Gérard Philipe is dead

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Gérard Philipe is dead

Gérard Philipe is dead

On the occasion of the funeral of Gérard PHILIPE, images of his friends at his home in Rue de Tournon (Paris, 6th) and of anonymous people waiting in front of the building, as well as some celebrities including Fernand GRAVEY, Jacques BECKER, or Serge REGGIANI, who came to pay their respects. In front of the entrance of the TNP, the palace of Chaillot, the admirers of the actor lay sheaves of flowers. Then, archives recall the career of Gérard PHILIPE : shooting in 1952 of "Belles de nuit" with Gina LOLLOBRIGIDA under the direction of René CLAIR and travel to Berlin in 1955 acclaimed by the crowd, arms loaded with presents. In the small cemetery of Ramatuelle (Var), the coffin carried by friends is buried under the gaze of Anne PHILIPE, his wife, his friend René CLAIR, and his mother. Friends, including Michel AUCLAIR, attend the ceremony, not far from the family home where he was born in 1922.









Publication date : 2 December 1959

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