The issue of parliamentary committees of inquiry

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The issue of parliamentary committees of inquiry

The issue of parliamentary committees of inquiry

A topic devoted to the issues of parliamentary commissions of inquiry in the relationship between the legislative and executive branches. This tool made available to the deputies allows to control the action of the government and the administrations, but as deplores the professor of constitutional law André MAUS, it is little followed of effect. The report drawn up by the committee members after months of debate is not discussed in open session. Yet commissions of inquiry have multiplied in recent years, especially to counter the phenomenon of "hyper-presidency". André VALLINI, Member of the European Parliament, agrees and regrets that the French Members of Parliament do not draw more inspiration from the habits of their American counterparts who devote a large part of their time to controlling what the government does. The journalist concluded by saying that the first commission of inquiry dates from the Revolution on the conditions of Louis XVI’s flight to Varennes.









Publication date : 7 November 2007

Producteur: France 3   -   Journalist : Le Junter, Caroline  -  Photo Journalist : Heyer, Jean Bernard  -  Participant : Maus, Didier  -  Participant : Vallini, André
19 20 National Edition   -   Producteur: France 3


Credits:Journalist : Le Junter, Caroline-Photo Journalist : Heyer, Jean Bernard-Participant : Maus, Didier-Participant : Vallini, André

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