The Mercier Cycles in Bonson

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The Mercier Cycles in Bonson

The Mercier Cycles in Bonson

A new unit of the Cycles Mercier has settled in Bonson and revives the hope of the survival of the cycle industry in the Loire department. After two bankruptcies in the 1980s, Mercier was attached to "France Loire" and then bought by the Dutch group Atag. The company maintains managerial autonomy and has 110 employees and manufactures 110,000 bicycles a year, 82% of which are sold abroad. But the smooth running of the company does not mean a revival of economic activity for the region of Saint Etienne. Alain TOURAL, CEO of Mercier France Loire cycles: "The industrialists have made the technical effort and today, only a political solution can protect us from imports from China... We want quotas and if these quotas are not applied, we are going to see the French manufacturers disappear in the coming months. ' Raymond POULIDOR, who has always driven at Mercier, has become a prestigious business executive for the company.









Publication date : 21 November 1991

Producteur: France Régions 3 Lyon   -   Journalist : Lion, Patrick  -  Photo Journalist : Aissou, Mouloud
Jt Fr3 Rhône Alpes   -   Producteur: France Régions 3 Lyon


Credits:Journalist : Lion, Patrick-Photo Journalist : Aissou, Mouloud

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