The verdict of the Queen Mary II accident trial

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The verdict of the Queen Mary II accident trial

The verdict of the Queen Mary II accident trial

Verdict in the trial of the Queen Mary II. At the statement of deliberation, faces tense. The 8 defendants as physical persons, employees of Endel and Chantiers, are all relaxed... Some survivors of the tragedy and families of victims crack and leave the room invaded by anger. If the employees are released, the Chantiers de l'Atlantique and their subcontractor Endel are each fined 177 thousand 500 euros for manslaughter and involuntary injuries. All sentences are lower than the sentences required by the Public Prosecutor at the trial last October









Publication date : 11 February 2008

Producteur: France 3 Nantes   -   Journalist : Guedes, José  -  Photo Journalist : Brenuchon, Jean Pierre  -  Film Editor : Quesnel, Yves  -  Participant : Boissier, Patrick  -  Participant : Dalmasso, Thierry  -  Participant : Roulleau, Jean Claude  -  Lighting Director : Pogu, Guy
Day evening Country of the Loire   -   Producteur: France 3 Nantes


Credits:Journalist : Guedes, José-Photo Journalist : Brenuchon, Jean Pierre-Film Editor : Quesnel, Yves-Participant : Boissier, Patrick-Participant : Dalmasso, Thierry-Participant : Roulleau, Jean Claude-Lighting Director : Pogu, Guy

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