Islam in Roubaix: testimonies

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Islam in Roubaix: testimonies

Islam in Roubaix: testimonies

Viewpoints on the place of Islam in Roubaix in the North. At the Bilal Mosque in Roubaix: Interview with Abdelaaziz EL KHAILY (president of the collective of Muslim institutions in Roubaix): "The mosques I know of in Roubaix do a lot of background work, there are many positive points that I would like us to highlight and finish once and for all the image of Roubaix, fundamentalism, Islamism" Interview with Amel BENSALEM (merchant): "We have a restaurant, I sell alcohol, I have already had thoughts in one week of opening". Interview with Zohra ZAROURI (Association Nouveau regard): "In families, we didn’t feel that we had to wear clothes to represent this religion. Today, we have the impression that it becomes a necessity to have an outfit to be recognized as being of Muslim faith".









Publication date : 24 April 2015

Producteur: France 3 Lille   -   Journalist : Schelcher, Myriam  -  Photo Journalist : Grimaldi, Marie Noëlle  -  Film Editor : Duhem, Fanny  -  Mixing : Hammond, Sébastien
Surveys Of North East Regions   -   Producteur: France 3 Lille


Credits:Journalist : Schelcher, Myriam-Photo Journalist : Grimaldi, Marie Noëlle-Film Editor : Duhem, Fanny-Mixing : Hammond, Sébastien

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