French Jihadists: the call of families

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French Jihadists: the call of families

French Jihadists: the call of families

Testimonial. Meeting with Amine ELBAHI, a law student who fights against radicalisation. His older sister joined ISIS in 2014. For him it was in his high school in Roubaix that she was approached and trained: she was sold a life course. She settled near Racca (Raqqa) in Syria with a jihadist, now dead in a suicide bomber, of whom she had two children. She hasn’t spoken since February. Like twenty other families of jihadists, Amin ELBAHI asks in a letter addressed to the president of the republic the repatriation of their relatives to be tried in France. He understands that this request may be shocking. To counter ISIS we must show that our democracy is stronger by applying the rule of law to people who do not deserve it. He knows that his sister would be found guilty but he also wants his children to be helped by France so that they do not in turn become jihadists. Families often do not have the skills to take care of these children. He thinks that leaving these children in Syria would only feed a new generation of jihadists. [Source: France 2 prompter] The question of the return of the children and wives of the combatants who joined ISIS is raised... Some twenty families here in France have questioned the President of the Republic... What do these relatives really want?... Here is the testimony of one of them, his sister took the leadership of SYRIA a few years ago. Hakim ABDELKHALEK, Hugo PUFFENEY and Patrick WURSTHORN









Publication date : 3 November 2017

Producteur: France Télévisions   -   Journalist : Abdelkhalek, Hakim
20 Hours   -   Producteur: France Télévisions


Credits:Journalist : Abdelkhalek, Hakim

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