Radio Rize, a web radio set up in the heart of Cusset

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Radio Rize, a web radio set up in the heart of Cusset

Radio Rize, a web radio set up in the heart of Cusset

The company Microphone, invited by the Memory Center and Société de Villeurbanne since last October, has set up the radio studio Rize, the committed radio station, in Villeurbannais. It is a web radio that aims to give voice to the voiceless. Radio Rize travels the territory by settling in the heart of the neighborhoods three days a month to feed this project with the inhabitants. Each monthly workshop gives rise to a program, recorded under the conditions of live. Testimonies of Azoug Djamila (trainee facilitator) and Bah Mamadou (trainee facilitator). Raphaël Cordray (artistic director of Cie Microphone) explains in a few words their approach to the inhabitants of the various neighborhoods visited.









Publication date : 8 February 2019

Producteur: France 3 Lyon   -   Journalist : Figureau, Myriam  -  Photo Journalist : Tardy, Béatrice  -  Film Editor : Thomas, Claire
19 20 Grand Lyon Edition   -   Producteur: France 3 Lyon


Credits:Journalist : Figureau, Myriam-Photo Journalist : Tardy, Béatrice-Film Editor : Thomas, Claire

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