Motorways in France: public good and private profits?

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Motorways in France: public good and private profits?

Motorways in France: public good and private profits?

Survey on the economic underbelly of the French motorway network, with the State using private companies for construction and operation, with in particular the appearance of tolls in the 1970s. In 2006, the government of the day decided to sell its remaining shares in the highway companies to private companies. Gain of the operation: 15 billion euros and exchange of the disposal of infrastructure. Archive images and excerpt from a television news of July 18, 2005. Interview in Tinqueux (Marne) by Jean-Stéphane Méra, trade union representative UNSA SANEF, who talks about the significant reductions in the number of employees in the motorway company in recent years.









Publication date : 22 February 2015

Producteur: France 3 Reims   -   Journalist : Boudet, Charles Henry  -  Photo Journalist : Boudet, Paul Antoine  -  Film Editor : Klein, Laura  -  Sound Recordist : Guillet, Étienne
19 20 Champagne Ardenne Edition   -   Producteur: France 3 Reims


Credits:Journalist : Boudet, Charles Henry-Photo Journalist : Boudet, Paul Antoine-Film Editor : Klein, Laura-Sound Recordist : Guillet, Étienne

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