Sncf: Construction Schedule For The New Eole Line

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Sncf: Construction Schedule For The New Eole Line

Sncf: Construction Schedule For The New Eole Line

This morning, the SNCF presented the timetable for the construction of the new Eole railway line that will connect the eastern suburb to the Saint-Lazare station in Paris, in 1996, thus relieving the saturated RER line A. 800,000 travellers use the RER line A every day, the busiest in the world. A two-lane tunnel linking the eastern and northern stations to Saint Lazare and an underground tunnel leading to La Défense are planned. Eole will be able to accommodate 70,000 travellers during peak hours. The State finances the project to the tune of 40%, but the first instalment will not be completed until 1996. Interview with Jacques BERDUCOU, Director of Regional Services of Travellers Ile de France, on these new routes. Images of passengers descending from a commuter train during rush hour, crowds on platforms and passengers on a train.









File : RER Eole

Publication date : 23 November 1989

Producteur: France Régions 3 Paris   -   Journalist : Gorny, Sabine  -  Participant : Berducou, Jacques
Regional News Ile De France   -   Producteur: France Régions 3 Paris


Credits:Journalist : Gorny, Sabine-Participant : Berducou, Jacques

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