Sangatte: visit to the tunnel under La Manche

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Sangatte: visit to the tunnel under La Manche

Sangatte: visit to the tunnel under La Manche

Visit of a Ministerial and Parliamentary Delegation to the site of construction of the fixed link between France and England, where the works of construction of the well that will allow to dig the tunnels have started well. Pierre MATHERON explained the project to this delegation. Then the delegate to the transport minister Jacques DOUFFIAGUES talks about the ratification of the treaty and the concession by the parliament in June. Then he evokes the question of the construction of a high speed train to London, "the profitability of the tunnel depends on the rail links and vice versa, our English partners are convinced as we are that this high quality rail link must be made, now we are waiting for the will and the concrete means to follow."









Publication date : 31 March 1987

Producteur: France Régions 3 Lille   -   Journalist : Seitz, Bernard  -  Journalist : Petitcolas, Jean Pierre  -  Participant : Douffiagues, Jacques  -  Participant : Matheron, Pierre
Jt Soir Nord Pas De Calais   -   Producteur: France Régions 3 Lille


Credits:Journalist : Seitz, Bernard-Journalist : Petitcolas, Jean Pierre-Participant : Douffiagues, Jacques-Participant : Matheron, Pierre

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