The Silver Tower: modernizing to regain its stars

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The Silver Tower: modernizing to regain its stars

The Silver Tower: modernizing to regain its stars

The Silver Tower starred restaurant is one of the Parisian historic restaurants. In recent years he has had to face the new generation of cooks, the competition of the big palaces, and lost two of his three stars. Under the direction of André Terrail, it is modernizing. Stéphane TRAPIER, room director, talks about the discreet modernizations brought to the room. Three months of work allowed to renovate the kitchen. Chef Laurent DELARBRE offers a more responsive menu with seasonal products. If the classics are always à la carte (duck au sang, quenelles), the recipes have been lightened to adapt to the taste of the time. Images of the room and kitchens. André TERRAIL, proprétaire, hopes to regain his stars thanks to these evolutions. Comment on images of the room, of the brigade working in the kitchen, of the elaboration of the sauce of the duck with blood.









Publication date : 23 February 2013

Producteur: France 2   -   Journalist : Gaget, Valérie  -  Journalist : Sébastien, Denis  -  Photo Journalist : Jacquet, Alexis  -  Photo Journalist : Simonnet, Thierry  -  Photo Journalist : Girodon, Bruno  -  Film Editor : Cohen, Anne  -  Participant : Mesplède, Jean François  -  Participant : Delarbre, Laurent  -  Participant : Terrail, André
20 Hours   -   Producteur: France 2


Credits:Journalist : Gaget, Valérie-Journalist : Sébastien, Denis-Photo Journalist : Jacquet, Alexis-Photo Journalist : Simonnet, Thierry-Photo Journalist : Girodon, Bruno-Film Editor : Cohen, Anne-Participant : Mesplède, Jean François-Participant : Delarbre, Laurent-Participant : Terrail, André

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