Assemblée nationale : incident sur le passé de résistant de Mitterrand

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Assemblée nationale : incident sur le passé de résistant de Mitterrand

Assemblée nationale : incident sur le passé de résistant de Mitterrand

National Assembly: incident about the past of resistance fighter of the President of the Republic François MITTERRAND. Speech by Alain MADELIN (UDF): "we would like to mention the problem of François MITTERRAND who presented himself in the aftermath of the war as a publisher and who was the editor of a magazine (he holds in hand a copy of the magazine ) called "Your Beauty," and I would invite historians to look at who owned it at the time. It was because of provocation on the part of Mr FORNI that we were allowed to make such statements. Intervention by Raymond FORNY (P.S.): "You have had Mrs MADELIN and TOUBON for weeks with their insults and insults to those who are on the side of the majority, and you have just again Mr MADELIN uttering insults to the President of the Republic; This attitude seems unacceptable to us, and Mr President, on behalf of the Socialist Group, I ask for a new suspension of the sitting ...". Speech of André LABARRERE Minister in charge of relations with the parliament: "the debate is important . The opposition cannot say that it cannot express itself ..."









Publication date : 2 February 1984

Producteur: Antenne 2   -   Presenter : Mamère, Noël  -  Participant : Madelin, Alain  -  Participant : Forny, Raymond  -  Participant : Labarrère, André
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Credits:Presenter : Mamère, Noël-Participant : Madelin, Alain-Participant : Forny, Raymond-Participant : Labarrère, André

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