Pesticides: Scientists working for Monsanto?

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Pesticides: Scientists working for Monsanto?

Pesticides: Scientists working for Monsanto?

The glyphosate accused of causing a disability. For the first time in France, a complaint was filed against the American Monsanto by the parents of a child suffering from a malformation of the larynx. In the United States 3,500 complaints have already been filed against the agrochemical giant. Le Monde reveals that Monsanto defrauded to hide the risks of its flagship product. He was paying scientific experts to sign studies for glyphosate. An avalanche of notes and e-mails were exchanged by Monsanto employees. Confidential memos whose publication promises to be an unprecedented scandal for the US giant of GMOs and pesticides. These exchanges seem to show that the multinational orchestrated a disinformation campaign to try to defend Roundup, its flagship product. This glyphosate pesticide is suspected of being carcinogenic. This involved an email from Dr Donna FARMER, who works at Monsanto, one of the authors of an article on glyphosate and animal reproduction, which concluded that it was not dangerous. But she crossed out her name and the publication seems unbiased. A misleading practice for Master Brent WISNER, a lawyer who initiated a complaint against Monsanto. Mr Brent WISNER, Baumhedlundlaw lawyer: "We see connections that undermine the validity of the data and we wonder if there is really a scientific basis to say that this product is not dangerous. The further we go, the more we discover information that shows that Monsanto has hidden risks from consumers and the government. ' The case could be more serious because other documents suggest that Monsanto influenced environmental agencies. embarrassing revelations as Europe must decide on banning glyphosate.









Publication date : 4 October 2017

Producteur: France Télévisions   -   Journalist : Relat, Yohann  -  Journalist : Lerouge, Valéry  -  Film Editor : Marini, Martin
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Credits:Journalist : Relat, Yohann-Journalist : Lerouge, Valéry-Film Editor : Marini, Martin

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