Right to IVG, the government wants to fight against disinformation sites

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Right to IVG, the government wants to fight against disinformation sites

Right to IVG, the government wants to fight against disinformation sites

Report on a bill targeting disinformation sites about abortion. Under the guise of informing pregnant women who are learning about IVG, websites spread false information that influences pregnant women and may lead them not to enjoy their right to abortion. Family schedules are there to support these women. The Minister for Women’s Rights also wants to strengthen legislation to combat these sites. Commentary on factual images accompanied by interviews with Cécile GERPILLON, conjugal advisor on family planning, Laurence ROSSIGNOL, Minister of Families, Children and Women’s Rights and Brice CASTAING, expert in internet referencing.









Publication date : 27 September 2016

Producteur: France 3   -   Journalist : Bach, Emmanuelle  -  Journalist : Guidée, Marie Emmanuelle  -  Journalist : Salique, Pierre Yves  -  Journalist : Lambert, Noémie  -  Journalist : Justice, Pascale  -  Photo Journalist : Guidée, Marie Emmanuelle  -  Photo Journalist : Minangoy, Georges  -  Photo Journalist : Conte, Pascale  -  Film Editor : Le Roux, Jany  -  Participant : Rossignol, Laurence  -  Participant : Castaing, Brice
19 20 National Edition   -   Producteur: France 3


Credits:Journalist : Bach, Emmanuelle-Journalist : Guidée, Marie Emmanuelle-Journalist : Salique, Pierre Yves-Journalist : Lambert, Noémie-Journalist : Justice, Pascale-Photo Journalist : Guidée, Marie Emmanuelle-Photo Journalist : Minangoy, Georges-Photo Journalist : Conte, Pascale-Film Editor : Le Roux, Jany-Participant : Rossignol, Laurence-Participant : Castaing, Brice

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