Homophobic assault in Paris

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Homophobic assault in Paris

Homophobic assault in Paris

Report on a homophobic attack that took place this weekend in the middle of the debate on marriage for all. The victim decided to post the photo of her tumbled face on social media. Testimony of Wilfred de Bruijn, victim with his companion, of a violent homophobic aggression in the streets of Paris. He suffers from several facial fractures and links this aggression to the deleterious climate that has accompanied the debate on marriage for all, freeing up speech and homophobic acts. "I remember waking up in an ambulance, full of blood... The discourse of exclusion, of hatred, it hurts, it causes suffering and it supports or liberalizes a hatred and violence already present in society. I want to show it because it is also the reality of our lives, homophobia, aggression, insecurity and I want it to be known and seen".









Publication date : 10 April 2013

Producteur: France 3, France 3 Paris   -   Journalist : Delloye, Amélie  -  Film Editor : Pagnotta, Natacha  -  Participant : Bruijn, Wilfred De
12 13 National Edition   -   Producteur: France 3, France 3 Paris


Credits:Journalist : Delloye, Amélie-Film Editor : Pagnotta, Natacha-Participant : Bruijn, Wilfred De

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