The fight of an Amazon Indian

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The fight of an Amazon Indian

The fight of an Amazon Indian

Report. Meeting with José GUALINGA, an Ecuadorian representative of the Sarayaku Indians. He is in France to raise awareness of the problem of oil exploitation in the Amazon forest. It denounces the problems of pollution that already exist in certain parts of Ecuador where the presence of toxic waste discharged into nature has an impact on the health of local populations. Commentary on images of illustration, amateur video, alternating with the interview of José GUALINGA. [Source: France 2 prompter] The environment.... An Indian in the city... It was the title of a film... It is also the approach of an Ecuadorian of the Kichua people... who is currently in Paris... He denounces the resumption of deforestation of the Amazon forest that had slowed down in recent years... At the center of his accusations: oil companies... Karine COMAZZI, Delphine PARICKMILER









File : Amazon

Publication date : 9 April 2008

Producteur: France 2   -   Journalist : Comazzi, Karine  -  Photo Journalist : Parickmiler, Delphine
20 Hours   -   Producteur: France 2


Credits:Journalist : Comazzi, Karine-Photo Journalist : Parickmiler, Delphine

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