Roubaix - Review of alleged Islamist arrests, reactions

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Roubaix - Review of alleged Islamist arrests, reactions

Roubaix - Review of alleged Islamist arrests, reactions

The day after the arrest of three individuals suspected of being in contact with Islamist networks, the reaction of their relatives who do not understand what they are accused of (interviews with Tarik, friend of a police officer, brother-in-law of a police officer, father of a police officer and two neighbours). The father of one of them strongly protest, even as the custody of these 3 men has been extended today. COM In the Rue des Sept Ponts, 24 hours after the arrest of a 28-year-old man in this house, anger and misunderstanding still reign among those close to him, He is suspected of having visited websites promoting terrorism It was at dawn yesterday that SAID, 28 years old, was arrested. In front of the cameras the GIPN broke down the door of the family house on the request of the anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office in Paris. The man was then taken into custody. 3 people were arrested yesterday morning in Roubaix 10, in total in France.. Some will have to explain themselves on trips to Afghanistan or Pakistan. The family of SAID for its part, contests these accusations Within the Muslim community of Roubaix, some faithful, wonder about this New Wave of arrests These arrests would not be related to the MERAH case. They were carried out as part of 8 preliminary investigations opened for the association of wrongdoers in relation to a terrorist company.









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