Mahorean women in the front row

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Mahorean women in the front row

Mahorean women in the front row

Meeting with Zéna M'DERE, a historical figure of the Mahorean women’s movement, who marked the history of her island and who received the Legion of Honour. In the 60s, these women revolted to be recognized: "At the time we lived like wild animals... but here women have always been able to fend for themselves". The movement of these women gave birth to the MPM and Zéna M'Dere became a recognized politician. She talks about her concern about the status of the island and about the better lives of Mohawk women today. His remarks alternate with the images of the presentation of the Legion of Honour by Louis Le Pensec and with the interview of Moina SIADI, a shopkeeper mother. According to the latter, the women who work in Mayotte are still a minority.









Dossier : Mayotte

Date de diffusion : 12 May 1991

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