Great party for the fans and alumni of the Strasbourg Racing Club

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Great party for the fans and alumni of the Strasbourg Racing Club

Great party for the fans and alumni of the Strasbourg Racing Club

In Geispolsheim, the supporters of the Racing Club of Strasbourg organized a big party bringing together different generations of players around a gala match. Jacky DUGUEPEROUX and Joël TANTER, express their joy to meet again. It was a beautiful party, as a last tribute to a club probably brought to disappear. A dramatic situation, as witnessed by Cyriaque DIDAUX, Roland WELLER, and Peter REICHERT. Frédéric Sitterle, one of the candidates for the club’s takeover was present in the stands but he made no official statement.









Publication date : 12 June 2011

Producteur: France 3 Strasbourg Alsace   -   Journalist : Marcelin, David  -  Photo Journalist : Dezempte, Philippe  -  Film Editor : Ledig, Pierre  -  Participant : Collet, Stéphane  -  Participant : Reichert, Peter  -  Participant : Weller, Roland  -  Participant : Tanter, Joël  -  Participant : Dugueperoux, Jacky
Alsace evening   -   Producteur: France 3 Strasbourg Alsace


Credits:Journalist : Marcelin, David-Photo Journalist : Dezempte, Philippe-Film Editor : Ledig, Pierre-Participant : Collet, Stéphane-Participant : Reichert, Peter-Participant : Weller, Roland-Participant : Tanter, Joël-Participant : Dugueperoux, Jacky

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