Francis Lalanne : un poète écologiste en campagne à Strasbourg

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Francis Lalanne : un poète écologiste en campagne à Strasbourg

Francis Lalanne : un poète écologiste en campagne à Strasbourg

Humorous report: Francis LALANNE, candidate for the Legislative in the second constituency of Strasbourg, is campaigning on the market of the Meinau. Catogan in the hair, boots of musketeer at the feet, He makes the kiss hand as well as the kiss to some passers-by and even to his opponent of the MODEM, Pascale JURDANT PFEIFFER. The candidate for the Independent Ecologist Movement says: "If we move a poet’s speech into the concrete world of debate for ideas, we give a chance to a dream to become a reality" "My hope is to be a little oil stain above the great blue wave..."









Publication date : 7 June 2007

Producteur: France 3 Strasbourg Alsace   -   Journalist : Stephan, Olivier  -  Photo Journalist : Proenca Pina, Eric  -  Film Editor : Heyer, Myriam  -  Participant : Jurdant Pfeiffer, Pascale  -  Participant : Lalanne, Francis
Local Strasbourg   -   Producteur: France 3 Strasbourg Alsace


Credits:Journalist : Stephan, Olivier-Photo Journalist : Proenca Pina, Eric-Film Editor : Heyer, Myriam-Participant : Jurdant Pfeiffer, Pascale-Participant : Lalanne, Francis

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