Hippodrome Vincennes: 40 years of the tiercé

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Hippodrome Vincennes: 40 years of the tiercé

Hippodrome Vincennes: 40 years of the tiercé

It punctuated the Sunday life of two generations of French: the tiercé celebrates today its 40 years. This anniversary is celebrated by some great figures of equine journalism at the Vincennes racecourse. Report. In Vincennes, only newspapers mention the anniversary of the trifecta. You have to go to the racetrack lounges with the guests to realize that this is a special day. The tiercé celebrates its 40th anniversary in discretion, when two racetracks close their doors in the Paris region. At Vincennes, the faithful are there, even if with the crisis, the bets are lower. Interview of a gambler. The clientele remains popular, but the world of the horse attracts less and less young people more interested in gambling. Interview of a gambler. Interview of Georges de CAUNES on the reasons for the disaffection for the third party.









File : Turf

Publication date : 23 January 1994

Producteur: France 3 Paris   -   Journalist : Visseyrias, Philippe  -  Presenter : Meral, Christelle  -  Participant : Caunes, Georges De
Regional News Ile De France   -   Producteur: France 3 Paris


Credits:Journalist : Visseyrias, Philippe-Presenter : Meral, Christelle-Participant : Caunes, Georges De

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