Lille: comic book workshop in kindergarten

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Lille: comic book workshop in kindergarten

Lille: comic book workshop in kindergarten

Every day, for nearly an hour, the children of CE1 and CE2 participate in the development of a cartoon scenario by participating in a contest. The script of this contest focuses on the story of a new student, Dennys, who arrives in the school. Awakening, creativity, writing awareness, image education are on the program. The competition is completely in line with the school project dedicated to language. It implements the work of expression in all its forms thanks to the sole support of comics. Once the drawings are finished, it will remain to write the dialogues in the bubbles. Dennys' story, the mischievous must be completed by March 1st at the latest. Interview of Céline COLLIER, maternal assistant about this experience. The words of the children, their drawings and their expressions will be in the strip.









Publication date : 27 January 2006

Producteur: France 3 Lille   -   Photo Journalist : Duluc, Patrick  -  Presenter : Navez, Laurent  -  Film Editor : Tronquet, Christian  -  Participant : Collier, Cécile
Jt Soir Nord Pas De Calais   -   Producteur: France 3 Lille


Credits:Photo Journalist : Duluc, Patrick-Presenter : Navez, Laurent-Film Editor : Tronquet, Christian-Participant : Collier, Cécile

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