Florence Artaud and Loic Caradec on the superstitions of sailors

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Florence Artaud and Loic Caradec on the superstitions of sailors

Florence Artaud and Loic Caradec on the superstitions of sailors

Navigators Florence Artaud and Loic Caradec talk about their superstitions as sailors. Florence Artaud explains: "I am quite superstitious, I am not so superstitious in my life as an earthling but in my life as a sailor, I believe that one is obliged to become one...it has a nice side, because it has a history, it means something, There are a lot of things you can’t say or do on a boat...". On his superstitious side Loic Caradec says: "More and more I would say but not necessarily during the race. It’s rather before or after. I am very careful, if I have a new boat, at the christening of the boat, that the bottle breaks the first time...".









Publication date : 6 December 1982

Producteur: France Régions 3   -   Journalist : Pernoud, Georges  -  Journalist : Garit, William  -  Production Manager : Pradel, Jacques  -  Camera Operator : Boulen, Jacques  -  Camera Operator : Roussel, Robert  -  Sound Recordist : Queinnec, Yves  -  Participant : Arthaud, Florence  -  Participant : Caradec, Loïc
Thalassa: The Magazine Of The Sea   -   Producteur: France Régions 3


Credits:Journalist : Pernoud, Georges-Journalist : Garit, William-Production Manager : Pradel, Jacques-Camera Operator : Boulen, Jacques-Camera Operator : Roussel, Robert-Sound Recordist : Queinnec, Yves-Participant : Arthaud, Florence-Participant : Caradec, Loïc

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