François Mitterrand: "You are the man of the passive"

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François Mitterrand: "You are the man of the passive"

François Mitterrand: "You are the man of the passive"

On the eve of the second round of the presidential election, debate between the candidates Valéry GISCARD D'ESTAING and François MITTERRAND. Little sentence of the socialist candidate addressed to his political opponent: "You do not want to talk about the past, I understand, naturally and you tend to repeat the refrain of 7 years ago 'the man of the past'. It’s still boring that in the meantime you’ve become the man of the passive. That bothers you a little bit today. You criticized me for having exercised a ministry of speech, but I was in opposition and I fulfilled my role democratically. And this is not nothing the opposition in a Republic. I should add that I used that time to do with others a great party that has become threatening to the almost ancient majority that you represent today. If I could do tomorrow for France, in the measure of France, what I did for socialism, it would not be lost."









Publication date : 5 May 1981

Producteur: France Régions 3   -   Director : Moati, Serge  -  Director : Herzog, Gérard  -  Presenter : Cotta, Michèle  -  Presenter : Boissonnat, Jean  -  Participant : Mitterrand, François
Official Election Campaign: Presidential Election 2Nd Round   -   Producteur: France Régions 3


Credits:Director : Moati, Serge-Director : Herzog, Gérard-Presenter : Cotta, Michèle-Presenter : Boissonnat, Jean-Participant : Mitterrand, François

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