Electricity savings at the marina of Port-Camargue

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Electricity savings at the marina of Port-Camargue

Electricity savings at the marina of Port-Camargue

In the Grau-du-Roi, Port-Camargue, the second largest marina in the world, will equip itself with the "Smart Grid" network, a system designed to reduce the consumption of electricity by boaters and fight against waste. The principle is to install sensors on board the boats, which will send the consumption data to the harbour office via a smartphone application. This device is also envisaged in the long term for water consumption and intrusion detection.

Publication date : 22 November 2018

Producteur: France 3 Montpellier   -   Journalist : Barros, Daniel De  -  Journalist : Métairon, Cédric  -  Film Editor : Kibireva, Elisa  -  Mixing : Calmels, Christian  -  Participant : Cavailles, Michel  -  Participant : Berthier, Christian
12 13 Languedoc Roussillon Edition   -   Producteur: France 3 Montpellier


Credits:Journalist : Barros, Daniel De-Journalist : Métairon, Cédric-Film Editor : Kibireva, Elisa-Mixing : Calmels, Christian-Participant : Cavailles, Michel-Participant : Berthier, Christian

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