Jacline Mouraud questions Emmanuel Macron on the increase of fuels

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Jacline Mouraud questions Emmanuel Macron on the increase of fuels

Jacline Mouraud questions Emmanuel Macron on the increase of fuels

This is one more piece of information that got Jacline Mouraud out of his system. Jacline thinks she needs to react. She then recorded a message directly to Emmanuel Macron, before posting it on the internet and his social networks on October 18. And everything passes: the onboard radars, the sticker for bicycles, the tolls at the entrance of the big cities, the new technical control, the increase in the price of fuels. What she didn’t expect were the more than 5 million views and the 220,000 shares, the hundreds of messages of encouragement. A real buzz, an excitement that she fully assumes. The number of views of his video has increased by 70,000 views in half a day, there are 8 shares per minute. For her, the day of November 17 (call to block roads) will be a historic day.









Publication date : 3 November 2018

Producteur: France 3 Bretagne   -   Journalist : Izad, Stéphane  -  Photo Journalist : Beaugey, Philippe  -  Film Editor : Pierret, Christine  -  Participant : Mouraud, Jacline
19 20 Edition Bretagne   -   Producteur: France 3 Bretagne


Credits:Journalist : Izad, Stéphane-Photo Journalist : Beaugey, Philippe-Film Editor : Pierret, Christine-Participant : Mouraud, Jacline

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