Reactions of irradiated Mururoa

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Reactions of irradiated Mururoa

Reactions of irradiated Mururoa

[Source: France 3 Regions]: compensation for the victims of French nuclear tests should improve significantly after the vote yesterday ... of a bill Many records were rejected on the basis that the risk of a link between disease and trial impacts was considered negligible. Jacques Youinou reported bladder cancer in 2009. For him, it is related to his exposure to ionizing radiation due to nuclear tests, when he worked in French Polynesia... Yet his request for recognition and compensation to the Ministry of Defense was not met... The stumbling block: this notion of negligible risk in the Morin Act, which implied that the case was rejected for a risk considered less than 1 per cent... This was the case of James... a situation incomprenhensible to him. A new hope is emerging for Jacques: the amendment to the Morin law has just removed the famous notion of negligible risk blocked his claim for compensation. A relief for him and for the veterans' associations of nuclear tests, such as AVEN... They felt the law too selective... But, they remain hungry in the request for recognition of diseases









Publication date : 15 February 2017

Producteur: France 3 Brest. France 3 Iroise   -   Journalist : Malésieux, Florence  -  Photo Journalist : Aubaile, Catherine  -  Film Editor : Secret, Sylvie  -  Mixing : Boceno, Jean Michel
19 20 Iroise Edition   -   Producteur: France 3 Brest. France 3 Iroise


Credits:Journalist : Malésieux, Florence-Photo Journalist : Aubaile, Catherine-Film Editor : Secret, Sylvie-Mixing : Boceno, Jean Michel

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