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CARE Back border controls

CARE Back border controls

[Source France 3 Regions]: back to the future and back to border controls ... we had turned the page a long time ago ... but with the approach of the Cop 21 the controls resume ... 120 policemen mobilized with us this Friday COM This is a mandatory stop that everyone had forgotten. We are on the Franco-Belgian border, which was no longer materialized here for more than 20 years. Over the course of two hours, 13 border police officers reinstated identity checks on largely understanding motorists. The Schengen Agreements allow these temporary checks during exceptional events such as COP 21 in order to avoid any intrusion of individuals deemed dangerous. But it’s out of the question to close the border or go back. In this parking lot, for example, police will systematically check all the vehicles, even where it was a border crossing 20 years ago, there are still vestiges of it on the side of the road. These controls could, as at the time, slow down traffic.









Publication date : 13 November 2015

Producteur: France 3 Lille   -   Journalist : Delouvrié, Marie Candice  -  Photo Journalist : Quinart, Emmanuel  -  Film Editor : Maquet, Amandine
19 20 Edition Nord Pas De Calais   -   Producteur: France 3 Lille


Credits:Journalist : Delouvrié, Marie Candice-Photo Journalist : Quinart, Emmanuel-Film Editor : Maquet, Amandine

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