Basketball: President of Nantes

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Basketball: President of Nantes

Basketball: President of Nantes

The Nantes basketball club is one of the few French sports clubs run by a woman. Portrait of an active president, Ms BROSSAUD-MILLOT, who has to face the club’s growing deficit. - In short [general view] Nantes port in the fog. - Screen divided into two: on the one hand images of a basketball match, and on the other images of a football match. (Nantais Clubs) - Interview with Jean-Marc AYRAULT (Mayor of Nantes) on the deficit of Nantais sports clubs. - PR Nicole BROSSAUD-MILLOT working in her office. - Accelerated image editing: it runs from one administrative building to another (court/town hall ect). - Interview Nicole BROSSAUD-MILLOT, sitting in the middle of a basketball court): "It’s very hard, I sometimes have insomnia, but never regrets... It is a challenge". - PR players of the Nantais club during a meal/ interview of a player saying that he appreciates that the club is run by a woman/ PR Nicole BROSSAUD-MILLOT, standing behind the players at the table, Giving them some tips/ PR player sketching a little smile. - Excerpt from the match played the day before (16/03) against the Saint-Quentin team (in Saint-Quentin): PR president sitting on the bench, watching the match with passion/ in the last seconds of the match, she is kneeling on the edge of the fields! (Nantes loses by a point 83-84). - Interview Nicole BROSSAUD-MILLOT after the game saying how hard it is to lose by a single small point.









File : Stage 2

Publication date : 17 March 1991

Producteur: Antenne 2   -   Journalist : Pere, Bernard  -  Participant : Ayrault, Jean Marc  -  Participant : Brossaud Millot, Nicole
Stage 2   -   Producteur: Antenne 2


Credits:Journalist : Pere, Bernard-Participant : Ayrault, Jean Marc-Participant : Brossaud Millot, Nicole

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