Coronavirus: the truth of the fake

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Coronavirus: the truth of the fake

Coronavirus: the truth of the fake

Report devoted to the truth of the fake Coronavirus. Some think there is a risk of eating Chinese food or receiving parcels from China, which is not true. However, there could be a risk to touch a door handle but only in a risk area. The mask is not recommended because it serves not to contaminate others, not to protect oneself. The environment could contaminate us but only in areas of epidemic. A commentary on factual images, illustrations and infographics alternates with interviews with Pr Arnaud FONTANET, Director of the Global Health Department at Institut Pasteur, and Dr Daniel LEVY-BRUHL, Respiratory Infections Unit at Santé Publique France. [Source: prompter France 2] This epidemic arouses rumors, fantasies. How is the virus transmitted? Through food, contacts, mail? We will try to see clearly with Florence BOUQUILLAT and Jean-Michel Mière









Publication date : 28 January 2020

Producteur: France Télévisions   -   Journalist : Bouquillat, Florence  -  Journalist : Mier, Jean Michel  -  Journalist : Soubane, Saada  -  Journalist : Lambard, Jean Claude  -  Participant : Fontanet, Arnaud  -  Participant : Lévy Bruhl, Daniel
20 Hours   -   Producteur: France Télévisions


Credits:Journalist : Bouquillat, Florence-Journalist : Mier, Jean Michel-Journalist : Soubane, Saada-Journalist : Lambard, Jean Claude-Participant : Fontanet, Arnaud-Participant : Lévy Bruhl, Daniel

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