Air pollution: France bad at air quality

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Air pollution: France bad at air quality

Air pollution: France bad at air quality

Report on ozone pollution, a direct consequence of the heat wave in many departments in the country. Even if today in the Ile-de-France the most polluting vehicles were banned from the road, many believe that the State has not taken the necessary measures for such an event. Clothilde NONNEZ, who suffers from bronchopneumonia, has, along with other victims of pollution, filed a complaint against the State because France is violating the European Air Quality Directive. The association "Friends of the Earth" has filed a request with the Conseil d'Etat for France to comply with the regulatory thresholds. Comment on factual images alternating with the testimony of Clothilde NONNEZ and the interview of Maître Louis COFFLARD, lawyer of the NGO Friends of the Earth.









Publication date : 22 June 2017

Producteur: France Télévisions   -   Journalist : Gilbert, Claudine  -  Journalist : Buisson, Marianne  -  Journalist : Justice, Pascale  -  Photo Journalist : Bassompierre, Denis  -  Photo Journalist : Pichavant, Steven  -  Film Editor : Guény, Pierre
19 20 National Edition   -   Producteur: France Télévisions


Credits:Journalist : Gilbert, Claudine-Journalist : Buisson, Marianne-Journalist : Justice, Pascale-Photo Journalist : Bassompierre, Denis-Photo Journalist : Pichavant, Steven-Film Editor : Guény, Pierre

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